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First Band Competition Gone Down the Drain

October 14, 2013
By Cypris BRONZE, Cleburne, Texas
Cypris BRONZE, Cleburne, Texas
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In the sky heavy clouds
thickened and threatened.
Hands and fingers grasping
instruments tightened.

The air was dense and humid,
the air smelled of rain.
The sharpness in tuning
made everyone go insane!

The anticipation was intense.
How could the band stay still standing?
Had Midlothian administrators
have a misunderstanding?

First a sprinkle then
a down pour.
All chaos and confusion put
the audience in an uproar.

Bodies stiffened in
uniforms of pride.
Everyone ran for cover
getting drenched as they tried.

Plumes and flags wilted
leaving behind an odor.
They were caught bare, and
Vulnerable without cover.

Shiny shoes now squeaked,
caked in mud.
Leaving a grassy trail
from the field with each thud.

After it let up,
Deep puddles remained.
Bright fabrics stained,
And color guard make up strained.

Had this day of competition gone down the drain?

In the sense of despair,
tender love shined through.
The quick, kind care of
band moms came to the rescue.

Raising spirits high,
they aided drum majors;
while band directors went for
info and procedures.

Winds, color guard, and
percussion stood tall.
Pumped and ready
to fight through it all.
With determination shown
in spins and straight spines,
they pushed forward with the
desire of success in each mind.

At the end of their show,
they gasped in relief.
Lungs controlled, feeling locked,
can now freely breathe.

But the excitement’s
not over yet!
There’s still a chance to get
even more wet!

Desperately they pack up,
Working together.
Trying to beat the next sheets
they know won’t hold forever.

The slippery wheels of
pitt equipment rolling;
The strength called back to
muscles cramping.

Section leaders direct the
“Loading Symphony”; yelling,
“watch those caddies and
treasured battery!”

Underclassmen watch,
Seeing rain drops look like tears.
They know that’ll be them
In a couple of years.

The tires skidding home,
they dread the long path.
But at least the buses and
box trucks get a free bath!

Dripping, still dripping,
Taking a long rest.
Can’t wait to go to bed,
Can’t wait for dry dress.

Upon arrival, we see
Water, water, water!
Opening up the box trucks,
We’ll need a doctor.

Like a grave yard the band
hall is littered by the tons.
You can’t see the ground because of
*horn coffins and xylo-skeletons!

Our tenth set of sets
we’ve just gone through;
How many more for us
will there be given to?

Mistakes were made,
We weren’t quite as prepared.
Too much exhilaration was proven,
Once apologies amongst sections shared.

This day was sticky,
This was dreary.
But it was memorable,
And also quite funny.

This was a day to learn from,
It was a challenging experience.
From now on we should
Want to work with more diligence.

We’ll perform drills much
better than before;
At the very least to
rank at box four.

Spirit, unity, trust, and
Attitude’s our motto;
Please let’s not forget
about it tomorrow?

It just goes to show…

When you pick up your horn
But there’s water in it;
Empty it first, before
you play it!

*(Especially bari sax cases!)

The author's comments:
I was a freshman clarinet player going to the first competition of marching season, in Midlothian Texas. It rained off and on all day, ruining the day. It rained the next two competitions as well! North Texas is known for crazy weather! It'll pour one day, and then be sunshiny the next.

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