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Who you have become...

October 11, 2008
By Jordan Suber, Crescent, GA

The sun is shining without a cloud in sight.
I smile as the warmth grasps me tight.
I look around, wondering where you are, but then I remember your promises; you will never be to far.
I feel at peace with myself (Some thing I have not felt in awhile) Just to see your face, hear your laugh, but mostly to see you smile.
Sometimes it feels like forever that you have been away.
Time will get it’s self back, it is always the hero of the day.
The compass is off track, you wandered off the trail, now the rain is pouring, and here comes the hail.
Where is my sunshine now, abandoned and lost, but not apart of the found?
Lighting strikes twice not once I just want you to know, who you have become.

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