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October 10, 2008
By P0i3s0c6es GOLD, Richmond, California
P0i3s0c6es GOLD, Richmond, California
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She sat on the cloud,
Strumming a lyre,
Humming a faint song
From the corners of her memories.

Her eyes were distant,
Washed pure white,
Blank emotion on her face,
A marble statue in this heavenly place.

She could not remember how or why she was here,
Though, she believed it to be a long time.
There was something important in her memories,
But she could not remember.

A gnarled hand grasped her shoulder,
And she turned her head,
Saw an old man, back bent by age,
Head crowned by white hair.

Now this man was certainly familiar.
There was a kind of special mirth in his brown eyes,
And he seemed perfectly at peace
Standing next to her

“I’ve missed you,” he said.
“Don’t you remember me?”

To which, she replied,
“Welcome to your final Destination.
You will find much rest here.”

The man’s happy features immediately fell,
Realization quickly crept upon him.
He drew out a white carnation and spoke,
“Remember this token?”

The lady took the flower silently and smiled,
But not for remembrance,
“Thank you for the gift,” she said,
“Now go rest.”

Then the old man finally accepted the truth.
She had forgotten her former lover,
Having spent too long a time here in Heaven.

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