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October 10, 2008
By P0i3s0c6es GOLD, Richmond, California
P0i3s0c6es GOLD, Richmond, California
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She could see his face a mile away,
But her hands could never touch him.
The clouds framed his body so perfectly,
A god amongst the humans,
But she could not reach him.
Day after day,
She spent the time drawing pictures of him,
Her once lover, the driving passion behind her life,
But now she was separated from him.
Her heart yearned for his presence,
His warmth and loving words,
But her ears could never hear him.
She could see and watch,
See and watch.

He could only sense her,
The spirit of her former soul and life.
Day after day,
He spent the time visiting her grave,
Bringing her favorite flowers,
Little white carnations,
Freshly picked from his garden.
They had had such a fun time together,
When she was alive and breathing,
But now his eyes could not see her,
His soul could only sense her spirit,
Sense and pray for her well-being.

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