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October 3, 2008
By Tasha Taylor SILVER, Richmond, Virginia
Tasha Taylor SILVER, Richmond, Virginia
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It was gentle; I know they say
this is how it is. A soft
flutter of the lips and he had me
tingling to my toes.
but with more passion this time
as if we’d lose the world if
one single second was wasted with air,
pressure of our mouths building up to
the moment I knew, I wasn’t ready for
tongues that slip back and forth, one probing
one letting; settle into a rhythm as if we began
to understand one another, until we needed to breathe,
Once more
our bodies move as though we were
electrified, excitement slamming through
my head at the thought of his fingers
touching every part
of my body, I yielded to this feeling
defeated, drowning in the powerful sensation
that takes over ones soul
when you fall in love.

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