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July 23, 2013
By LittleMissLostInParadise GOLD, Cumberland, Virginia
LittleMissLostInParadise GOLD, Cumberland, Virginia
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"We live in a strange bubble"
-Brian Molko

Break my bones so you can fold me.
Cut off my ears so you can confide in me.
Gouge out my eyes so I can’t see you smile.
Numb my lips so you can kiss me.
Hold me down so you can shake me.
Turn off the lights so you can scare me senseless.
Tie me down so you can keep me.
You could never live without me.
Smash me to pieces just to see me broken.

The author's comments:
Stay strong kids. :)Don't ever let anyone convince you that you are not the most beautiful thing in the world. :)

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