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May 22, 2013
By Sparkles96 PLATINUM, Grants Pass, Oregon
Sparkles96 PLATINUM, Grants Pass, Oregon
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Relief runs deep in my bones, washes over my soul, as my words flow, and I can feel the weight of the world run off my shoulders.
I finally let you know that your place in my life has been nothing but painful.
That your role as my father has destroyed me, sent me down a path of addiction and failure.
When I was thirteen, you watched my life being swallowed into a black hole, like beer down my throat.
And you patted me on the back and handed me another bottle.
But now I’ve found a new course, and a new cause for living, separate from you, in the form of a girl.
And you have the guts to tell me that I'm headed down the wrong road, through a drunken, liquidy, glass haze, you try to see me as your son for once in my life, and you tell me she's not the one.
But I know you're wrong, because after living for eighteen years inside these crumbling walls of crushed dreams and harsh words, she is the only home I've ever known.
After my mom walked out on you and your only son, she is the only woman I've ever loved.
After being told that I will never be good enough, I am worthy in her eyes.
So I'm saying goodbye to the man I called dad.
After 18 years I'm finally realizing that you are the one who isn't worthy, not me.
And just as alcohol runs deep in your veins, relief runs deep in my bones.

The author's comments:
I wrote this one in the point of view of my boyfriend (a former alcoholic) to his dad (a current alcholic).

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