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Downpour--un Attacco di Solitudine(an Onslaught of Loneliness)

May 30, 2013
By ItsJustV SILVER, Saint Ansgar, Iowa
ItsJustV SILVER, Saint Ansgar, Iowa
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Droplets drum on her skin
Lei immagina una tempesta di baci (She imagines a storm of kisses)

Wind glides around her hips
Si sente una dolce carezza (She feels a gentle caress)

The bellowing thunder rattles her core
Ma tutto quello che sente è voce tonante di un uomo (But all she hears is a man's booming voice)

Slivers of lightning shatter the sky
Lei li vede come la scintilla nei suoi occhi (She sees them as the sparkles in his eyes)

The storm-saturated air smells of him
L'uomo nato da anni di solitudine (The man born from years of loneliness)

She hopes that it will flood
Significa il suo amore versando in lei (It signifies his love pouring into her)

Tiny ribbons of water trail down her body
Come polpastrelli morbidi che esplorano un territorio incontaminato (Like soft fingertips exploring an untouched territory)

Beneath the thunderheads she doesn't feel so alone
Proteggono lei come le braccia farebbe (They protect her like his arms would)

The downpour hugs her tighter than any past heartbreak could
Perché solo l'immaginazione pu™ dare un lieto fine (Because only the imagination can give you a happy ending)

When the sun comes out she'll kiss him goodbye
e lei si prepara ad amarlo nei suoi sogni (and prepare to love him in her dreams)

Because although her heart's battered beyond repair
Lei sa meglio di lasciare che l'amore muore
(She knows better than to let love die)

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