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Dagger In The Back

August 30, 2008
By Kayla8208 BRONZE, Hayden, Alabama
Kayla8208 BRONZE, Hayden, Alabama
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The red liquid drips on the floor

Beneath our feet, more and more

The pain, is only at the shore

It is the betrale, that is at the core

Please, remove it from my back

The blood in thy veins is starting to lack

It feels, as though, just a mere tack

That is there, stabbed in thy back

It seems your trechery knows no bounds

Hidden in the trees, along the grounds

It feels, as though, pounds and pounds

Lies on my back, venturing down and down

You never seem to hear thy plea

I'm begging, begging, Don't you see?

It seems as though your killing me

The look in your eye.. Could it be?

Deeper, Deeper, in thy core

Deeper, Deeper, there shall be no more

There, Right there, on the floor

Lies thyself, forever more

The author's comments:
I'm a Edgar Allen Poe fan so having "The Raven" the back of my mind gave me inspiration in writing this, one of my many poems. I wrote this after being betrayed by someone I believed to be my best friend. Writing always maked me feel better and I try to portray my feelings to the reader. I hope you enjoy.

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