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The West

April 11, 2013
By MedievalMaiden PLATINUM, Maple Shade, New Jersey
MedievalMaiden PLATINUM, Maple Shade, New Jersey
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Land of black waters
Land of frozen sea
Blue eyes burn like fire
And scorch all that they see
Sing the songs of war
And beat the drums like thunder
Head of a dragon
Body of a vessel
The great serpent rising up from under
The ocean fierce and terrible
Lightning in the sky
Cut the waves asunder
Over all the churning fly
Looking to the west
And standing at the helm
Bring the devils to new lands
The peaceful pious overwhelm
As they watch in horror
Convinced the end is near
Take their riches as your own
Delight in their fear
Blue eyes watching the ravens fly
Taking the souls of the fallen home
Blue eyes gleaming as the winds push the living on
Far from their land, far from all land known
The wind whips the snow
The snow whips the man
Determined to win the west
With the force of his own hand
A tree speaks and becomes a dragon
Soon chaos will reign
The dragon once flown
Will soon sail again
See the shapes in the clouds
The terrified watching from the shore
The men born of the dragon
Will take all they have and more
Blue eyes gleaming over ill-gained gold
Watch the ravens reclaim what is the gods’ own
Cast up prayers for a safe voyage home
The horde sweeps together, no man fighting alone
Back home families wait
For the return from the west
But even with their families
For warriors there is no rest
And the blue eyes continue yearning
To hold the treasures and the proof there is something more
Another land to conquer
Stemming from the western shores

The author's comments:
I've always loved the stories and legends of the Norse people....

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