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Summer Love

August 27, 2008
By Lisa Riffel GOLD, Fairmount, North Dakota
Lisa Riffel GOLD, Fairmount, North Dakota
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I hid from you when first you came,
Scared of the burning that you brought,
Slowly I came to know you, day by day.
You’d leave me burning bright,
If too long with you I stayed,
Yet day after day, I soon longed to see you.
You began to warm me as none before,
And soon your embracing arms were no more a dream.
They were mine, and mine alone,
And I loved every minute of the burning passion.
As June decided to leave us,
I noticed your rising anger.
Searing me with violent rays,
Of heat no longer comforting.
I began to hide away from you,
Staying out of view.
If ever we were found together,
I swear it was but a moment.
I watched you still from afar.
Throughout our time in the midst of August,
I hardly saw you anymore.
And when books come calling,
I no longer gaze at you.
As months go on,
You sit coldly in your room,
Watching me, along with others,
Refusing us your warmth.
You’re locked away,
Just like the chocolate sweets.
As we grow accustomed to this cold,
I wonder if your anger was given,
Only to make the inevitable separation bearable.
Yet still I wish we had that time.
Soon I realize, you’re warming up.
You’re teasing me with what we had,
Now that my anger has ceased.
And even though I know the pain,
I don’t think I’ll refuse again.

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