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August 11, 2008
By Moh-kins SILVER, Alachua, Florida
Moh-kins SILVER, Alachua, Florida
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There are those who’d fall to their knees
But for my lover humility’s a disease
Her vanity aspires to levels of inhumanity
She cannot—she will not be denied
One look with those eyes
And you’ll be forced to abide

The color of green and the clink of coins
Of a knife in your spleen she has no qualms
For that smell of wealth between her palms
She can’t ignore the roar inside her
Saying, give me more and more and more

She adores anything of yours
She abhors everything of hers
She desires whatever she doesn’t deserve
From tires to lovers to feminine curves
We live in a world of fabulous stuff
For her, enough is never enough

The slightest thing will set her off
Her rage rolls over you like a tidal wave
Dragging you down to your watery grave
Her wrath pierces you like a storm of ice
She spares no one from men to mice

From delicious cakes to sultry bakes
Her knees weak at the scent of steaks
Ice cream’s the lining of her dreams
This kind of hunger can’t be sedated
She is never satisfied or sated

The grind of hips against hips

The crush of tongues across lips
The moans between each kiss
Her breasts against his chest
It is all of this
That leaves her possessed

There are days verging on weeks
Where she barely speaks
Losing color in her cheeks
She goes through depression
Because of her obsession
Because no matter what, it is never enough

She is champagne and cocaine
With devilish grin
Without any chagrin
If she is sin then
Give me my sin again

The author's comments:
This poem was written as a part of an assignment for my 10th grade English teacher, Mrs. Doner. She wanted an extended methpor poem and I came up with the idea of having a woman represent the seven deadly sins.

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