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The Cat that Didn't Play the Fiddle

January 20, 2013
By thegreenlight SILVER, Detroit, Michigan
thegreenlight SILVER, Detroit, Michigan
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The cat strolled in with a smile on his face
He extended his legs in total grace
His clarinet tucked under arm
His body screaming, “charm”
His sheet music in his hand
Happy to play in the musical band

But something happened that quickly annoyed
A percussionist panda was looking particularly overjoyed
He was laughing his head off
“Hey diddle diddle.” He scoffed
The cat looked around to see
If the only one being talked to was he

The panda asked, “Cat, where is your fiddle?”
The cat said, “I don’t like high sounds, clarinets are in the middle”
The panda rolled his eyes but didn’t say
So the cat simply walked away
Finding a turtle playing trumpet
Cat said, “How well you play? You really bump it?”

The turtle laughed, “So are you strings?”
“No, I’m woodwind, that sort of thing.”
The turtle looked around and raised his brow
Looked at him and said, “Woodwind, but how?”
”I like the sound, the feeling too
The metal keys really get to you
The silky silhouette
Nothing makes me happier than to play clarinet.”

The conductor raised his arms, signifying starts
Everyone raised their tools, looking at their parts
But then the conductor stopped and looked at the cat
Looked directly where he sat
“Where’s your fiddle, sir?”
“Don’t think I’m fiddler because I purr.”

The cat stood on his chair
Rubbing his orange facial hair
“Why do you think it is so strange?
That my instrument is something I should change
I’m love my clarinet
Regardless that buying it gave me severe debt

So before you use the keys you twiddle
Remember I play clarinet. Not the fiddle.”

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