On the Playground

On the playground kids will play,
They will play there every day.
Until the bully comes around,
Then the kids will hit the ground.
They run and scream and hide in cover,
Some of them will cry for their mother.
The bully thinks he is cool,
But in reality, he is a fool.
He’s the one without the friends,
He thinks he’s cooler in the end.
But soon the kids know the truth,
The bully is just a mean old slooth.

Now that the tables turned,
He is the one who gets burned.
Now he is afraid of them,
He is afraid of the mayhem.
Now everyday at schools he cries,
And we know the reason why.
Bullying is bad for everyone,
It ruins lives so it’s not fun.
The bullying has a big effect,
Their souls could have a big defect.
Bullying doesn’t just hurt the one involved,
It hurts us all until it’s solved.
Bystanders are just as bad,
When they do nothing, it is sad.
When bystanders don’t do anything,
Bullies just do more meddling.
We all know bullying has consequences,
So please just come to your senses.
Do what you can to help out,
If you see something happen just shout out.
So I hope you have learned something today,
Bullying is not cool that’s what I say.

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