I've Thought About It

Oh trust me I've thought about it
More than him or her
I've thought about what might happen
Just what might occur
What would people do?
What would they say?
If they all found out
I've thought about it today

I do have the power
The tools to make it go
Though most would think it foolish
Or think that I've sunk low
But yet me and you
We would understand
Because we know I've thought about it
I've thought about my plan

Why should I do it?
Why shouldn't I
If I decide I must
I have the power
The will as well
I could make it bust
Plus, we know I've thought about it
For, that is a must

I’m crazy you say,
But don’t you know me?
It’s ludicrous to say I’m not.
I’m madder
Than the hatter
Is this something you've forgot?

The days tick by
Are you shaking?
No need to be frightened yet.
I have yet to decide if I’ll do it
So friend, don’t you fret
Though you know I've thought about it
More than you could bet

You know, they think you’re clueless
But I know you’re not
And I bet you've thought about it
You've thought about it a lot

For, trust me, I've thought about it
It’s just how I was taught.

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jar33 said...
Jan. 18, 2013 at 11:38 am
this is really good
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