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I lost you, I've got you back

December 6, 2012
By Born2Love97 GOLD, Louisa, Kentucky
Born2Love97 GOLD, Louisa, Kentucky
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When I lost you
I started to think my life was through
But baby the feelings are still there
I tried to get away but you were everywhere
I kept thinking we were through
When I lost you
But now I've got you back
We're back on track
I still look at you
The first thing I notice are those eyes of blue
They're prettier than mine
All I want is to look into them until the end of time
Now I have you back
But you still want me to believe your heart is black
You know I can only see the good in you
When I think about you, the first thing I see is your eyes of blue
When I look at you
My butterflies stir from out of the blue
You're the only one that could ever make them move
To me, you have nothing to prove
No matter how many times
I tried to get over you, I just couldn't cross that line
Now I have you back
I'm so glad of that
You're like my bestfriend and my lover all in one
Now, again we're singing the same song
I know we're just starting back up
I love you and there's not any but's
People tell my I'm too young
I hope all that we've stitched together never comes undone
I know what love is
Out of all the other choices
I've chosen you
There's nothing else to say or do
I've fallen victim to your charms
All I want to do is fall into your arms
I hope you'll catch me when I do
Because I know I love you
I'm so happy I've got you back
I'm so glad we're back on track
I've missed you so much
I'd say what I've run into is luck
You can take your time
But for me, I know you'd walk the line
I just wanna be with you
There's nothing I can do
I'm hopeless when it comes to you
It's not sad, I'm glad I fell for you

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About the guy that I love :)

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