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Frost on Glass

December 3, 2012
By chris341 GOLD, Springville, Utah
chris341 GOLD, Springville, Utah
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"If you have built castles in the sky, do not despair, that is where they should be. Now build the foundations under them." -Thoreau

He pulls the cover up and strikes the keys.
The dissonance, and melodies opposed,
Gold matches glow inside his soul, detached,
And fire begins to blaze in the window.
The waltz with clashing chords starts through the snow
His lonely hands in octaves sinuous.

The walnut stretches up its sinuous
Grasp. Laden bows do not fall down on keys
But gather in the darkened season’s snow,
Until the tow’ring height is so opposed.
It crashes down beneath the long window
Forever from the solid earth detached.

A single note begins to sail detached
From harmony whose notes are sinuous
As led that lines the empty window
Forming patterns like the dark sorts of keys.
The crosses and stitches are so opposed
To our world chaotic and draped in snow.

For beneath blankets of cold ivory snow,
Lie rotting roots, the ebony detached.
The fingers show the colors so opposed.
With tones, discordant and so sinuous
That one can see the motion of the keys
When staring deep inside the long window.

And he will look back out of the window.
And gesture to the ever falling snow,
The mask that hides the shadowed world. His keys
can show the casuistic face detached
from quiet turmoil hid in sinuous mess.
To noise his music is then opposed.

Oh noise, grey noise that thing is all opposed.
And battles to break in the wide window.
When eyes are strong it travels sinuous
To listeners ears. The wind it carries snow
Athwart in lands. The warmth is made detached.
And now the only hope is brilliant keys.

To truth opposed, tempestuous ice and snow,
hid his window and made the worlds detached.
The deep sinuous frost, unlocked by keys.

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