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Brick Houses and Boulevards

December 5, 2012
By iloveyouihateyou GOLD, Lowell, Indiana
iloveyouihateyou GOLD, Lowell, Indiana
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Brick houses and boulevards
Graffiti trains and street cars
Vintage photos in locked desks
A little heart is torn and wrecked

Old worn shoes sitting on the stairs
Books collecting dust on antique chairs
Coffee shops and bookstores
Broken clocks and wooden doors

Vintage cameras tucked away
Photos kept for a rainy day
When you sit under the stormy sky
And watch the angels cry

Newspaper clippings and Nancy Drew mysteries
Dark corners and cobweb piano keys
The empty shelves and broken windows
Keep the secrets that only you know

Flying machines and scribbled thoughts
Classic movies and child astronauts
You taught yourself to brave the sting
And spread your tired wings

Go ahead and fly
And rest those weary eyes
Forget all those memories
That made you lie
And cry
And slowly die

So you left the house that gave you pain
And you left the memories behind
The photographs and glass shards
And the brick house on the boulevard

The author's comments:
I thought about a girl whose life was a tragedy. All the memories were either too much to bear or great ones that she had to forget, including the house.

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