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I Am a Cloud

November 25, 2012
By Puzzle PLATINUM, Orem, Utah
Puzzle PLATINUM, Orem, Utah
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Favorite Quote:
When life gives you lemons,
Eat them.
They do not taste that bad.

Life is like autumn.
Stop to crunch the pesky leaves.

Love is... let me think...

Don't judge a book by its cover.

Poetry is a way to put words to things that are unexplainable.

I am a cloud.

My being is from many things,
Rivers, streams, oceans, lakes, They all make

A cloud.

As I grow,
I rise and pass the treetops, the birds, and even higher than the towering mountains.
I rise above the whole world, looking down upon it.
I wonder why I'm here.
Why I'm different from the rocks,
And the trees.
Why I'm different from the mountains
And the plains.
Why I had to be what I am -

A cloud.

As I gather bits and pieces of me,
From everywhere on Earth,
I can't hold myself together.
I am falling.
I fall
into pieces,
Which scatter far and wide.
From everywhere I came from,
I return to Reality,


My world is crashing down,
But no one cares,
Because all I am is

A cloud

The normal everyday thing that is simply seen in the sky.
I gather no interest.
As my shattered ramains pitter-patter against windows,
I finally shudder
to a stop.

I am still.

As the darkness is slowly illuminated, I can only do one thing.
I rise,
Once more.
I am

A cloud.

I begin the never ending cycle of falling and picking myself up.
I have but one thought-
Will I ever stay up high in the sky?
And not fall apart every time I get up?

Though a cloud,
I realize the truth.

I will always fall.
And I will always get back up.
I am an endless cycle.

I am

-But a simple


The author's comments:
An extended metaphor. Fall and get back up again. Over and over again. Been there done that..
And guys, no matter how hard or much you fall,
You CAN get up again.
I'm here today, aren't I?

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