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Gypsy Eyes

October 8, 2012
By rachelmendoza GOLD, Clewiston, Florida
rachelmendoza GOLD, Clewiston, Florida
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Consume less, create more.

Time will be the medicine
That cares for all your wounds
The doctor that promises
You'll be fine sometime soon

But it's okay to me
I don't mind a house in the woods
We get used to plastic walls
But this is just as good

And if you let me in
I'll make a place in your head
A little room with some flowers
Next to a soft, white bed

So if I knock at night
During a pillow hypnotized high
Don't let me move myself in
Don't even ask me why

Simply stay still and quiet
Turn off the lights of your mind
It will hurt me for a minute
But that isn't much time

And as I wander the streets
Where it all looks the same
I'll remember the nice woods
And away melts the shame

It creates a puddle for me
That will blind these selfish eyes
And polish my dusty compass
That sees past the disguise

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