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I love you, You love me

September 12, 2012
By Born2Love97 GOLD, Louisa, Kentucky
Born2Love97 GOLD, Louisa, Kentucky
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"Love comes at a price. Which one will you pay?"

You're my best friend
I don't want it to end
But these feelings inside me
They're just dying to break free

I wonder if we can be something more
Kissing you rocked me to my core
You once told me you loved me
How do we get back to that, or can we?

All I want is for you to be mine
We don't need to rush it, we've got plenty of time
You're the only one that can make me blush
And all you have to do is give me one little touch

But you're so confusing
When you're with her, my heart feels like it's bruising
You tell me you love me and things like that
But then you flirt with her and make me stumble back

How can you not see
The feelings I hold inside me
I'm not hiding them, they're an open book
So subtle, kinda like your right hook

Maybe I'm going about this all wrong
Maybe I'm singing the wrong song
So tell me what record should I play
To make you look my way

You love me, I love you
So tell me what I must do
To make you understand what I feel
To make you comprehend this is real

I don't know how to get you to see
Maybe I should just back off and wait for you to find me
I've given this so much time
But from a couple we're a far cry

I love you, you love me
Why can't you see
All this I'm telling you is real
I'm only trying to tell you the way I feel.

The author's comments:
Just another poem on my love life.

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