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This Summer

August 15, 2012
By JasmineRose SILVER, Bay Port, Michigan
JasmineRose SILVER, Bay Port, Michigan
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No expectations, no disappointments.

The wind is blowing
The sun is a blaze
The A/C is going
So now we can phase
To summer

Puffy white clouds
On the beach in the sun
We’re out of bounds
When we’re out having fun
This summer

Long summer nights
All the stars out to shine
Big city lights
They are leaving you blind
This summer

Go to the fair
Then we’ll go to the mall
Do up our hair
Yeah, we’ll do it all
This summer

I will be writing
In hopes of the fame
Love will be biting
And nothing can tame
This summer

I’ll meet someone
Who always makes me laugh
I will have won
And it’s him I may have
This summer

Late nights outside
With only me and him
Talking about life
In the moonlight, so dim
This summer

Listening to songs
Making new memories
Know we belong
Like the flowers and bees
This summer

Walks in the sand
And a night in the dunes
You’ll hold my hand
While we listen to tunes
This summer

We’ll talk by day
And we’ll party by night
We’ll get away
And make wrong feel alright
This summer

The breeze will blow
And the leaves will turn brown
That’s when we’ll know
That autumn’s around
This summer

We’ll say goodbye
And then head off to school
Our love will die
Until this season’s anew
Next summer

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