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I'm From...

August 9, 2012
By FlameSeeker373 SILVER, Richmond, Texas
FlameSeeker373 SILVER, Richmond, Texas
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"...Magic is just science that we don't understand yet..."

Arthur C. Clark

I’m from hard balls hitting my hands,
The multicolored spheres flying through the air.
I’m from a volleyball kill, a referee’s whistle, and the taste of victory.

I’m from tortillas being flipped on the comal,
Steam filling the air and the clatter of plates being placed on the table.
I’m from hot beans, cheese, tomatoes, and lettuce that make a colorful sight.

I’m from a hospital a street away from the zoo.
I’m from a huge backyard with bamboo, flowing trees, and hummingbirds ,
That fly from flower to flower.

I’m from Thriller, The Beatles, Faith Hill, and dancing.
I’m from laughing and singing in the car,
Having fun, not caring how we sound.

I’m from bells ringing and choirs singing hymns from books.
I’m from the Lord touching each one of us with his warm, welcoming hands.
I’m from wooden pews and smoking candles.

I’m from books that ensnare me with their inky fingers.
I’m from magic portals and mythical creatures,
That are created from paper, pencils, and imagination

I’m from a hardworking family, with sacrifice and religion,
Family time is valued here.
I’m from hugs, kisses, and love.

I’m from here,
Learning a lot.

The author's comments:
This is a little poem about myself.

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