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Edgar's Prophecy

July 16, 2012
By Paul_E._Petty BRONZE, Gilmer, Texas
Paul_E._Petty BRONZE, Gilmer, Texas
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In this homeland of Myra, peace will soon be vanquished

With the land cast in darkness

Peace turns to hardness

As a leader’s murder shakes the land

One great evil will rise and stand

And although the king’s wrath stands great

Impossible it be to escape

The first born child, whom shall break his wrath

Born by miracle the birth of prophecy

Will be cast into the future

Safely hidden away

Until the age of fifteen the seal will break

Powers beyond imagination will make

An unlikely friendship bonded by destiny

Traitors on both sides will bring forth a great divide

Cast out into the land they will roam

Until the unrightful king is tossed from his throne

Even with warriors of darkness by his side

The truth of light will always abide

The power of the king, only The Chosen One can withstand

As the final battle becomes hope’s last stand

The author's comments:
This is the official prophecy in my book, Shadows of Light.

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