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Never Look Back

June 8, 2012
By Lilya1 SILVER, Canfield, Ohio
Lilya1 SILVER, Canfield, Ohio
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Together we walk in a blind daze
Afraid to look at the world in new ways
Never stopping never slowing
Individuality we are forgoing

Enslaved by the thoughts they put into our heads
Our generation is being mislead
Who are they to tell you what's right?
We cannot sit by we must put up a fight

You have the power to think on your own
You have the power to be more than a clone
Why choose conformity when you have a choice?
Stand up against it, you just need a voice

Be original be unique
Prove to society that you are not weak
You will do more than blindly conform
You will do more than follow the norm

Take a stand against those who believe what they hear
Not even questioning what comes into their ear
Share your ideas with those around
Show the world you will never back down

Embrace who you are, through and through
Embrace who you are and just be you
For you do not need to follow the pack
Choose your own road and never look back

The author's comments:
This was a piece that I wrote for a portfolio about non-conformity.

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