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Oh, Lightning

May 4, 2012
By ChrisV. BRONZE, Hull, Massachusetts
ChrisV. BRONZE, Hull, Massachusetts
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Oh Lightning, how I’ve missed you so!
Since we last met, some months before.
Your eye dost weep, and heart dost glow;
Returning as you were, and more!

Beginning from your lofty sow
You grow to reach and claim your own
Some permanence somewhere below;
In soil, though, you’re never sewn.

And pelting rain, it’s been too long!
Please do not tell but Lightning’s green
That with the earth you can belong
And with the sea, and all between.

At least, that is, for far more time
Before you’re beckoned to return
Back to the clouds, on air to climb
And start anew, without concern.

Now enter my dear thunder, roar!
And put to sham this Lightning fear
With drums to sound and to restore
That you are only drawing near.

Reverberate your march and crash
With waves of wind upon our shore,
And surge your swells instead of splash
The sand, our earth, your ocean floor.

But Lightning, how I’ve missed your seed
Which grows too quick, unlike your kin
Whose possibilities exceed
Your own to here remain, therein.

But try you may, and try you might
So desperate to join us here
When it is I who sees your light
And it is you whom I endear

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