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Six Stages of Sorrow

April 29, 2012
By Janae0819 SILVER, Columbus, Ohio
Janae0819 SILVER, Columbus, Ohio
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Holes in my jacket keep letting the pain in. When will you leave me? My heart doesn’t want this anymore. Am I supposed to just sit here and shut up for you? Say what you need but don’t keep closing the door. Let me in from the rain. I know your heart is plastic. I know you’re only saying these things to make me go away, but I’m still holding on. Say you need a friend, but not me? Why do you keep closing the door?

I have learned to keep my feelings because he likes to collect all the things I’ve been dreaming and he tosses them in the sea along with my tears. I was dreaming but I’ve suddenly stopped breathing. I need him. They all call me crazy and try to make me leave him but all I can do is hold on while I watch him leave me. Am I just a saddened soul waiting for him? Is it better for me not to know? I know he doesn’t know what he’s doing, but why can’t I do anything but think of him? Am I a fool to keep waiting? He thinks he can just come and go as he pleases…

Can I be anything else? I just need to keep trying to hold my heart and stop lying to myself, but I’m done with trying. Trying to keep love and give love and throw away love… seize love, that’s all you can do. Just accept what he left you for.

My heart can’t take this anymore. I cling on for dear life. He left me wounded and scared. He left his arrow in my heart. The hurt won’t go away and these shards of glass tear into my pillow. He signed his name in flames all across my bones. The screams of light through my window remind me I still have an echo. I scream just to scream. I cry just to let all the tears out. But they just keep coming.

As you shine your light and try to recapture my heart, I can feel your fingers through my hair but I bury my head knowing you will still leave. Just stay with me, I plead, but you just keep calling her name and I wish it was mine instead. Now I’ve had it up to here, please just be mine. But I know that can’t be because when love breaks down even this September sun can’t save this soul.

So I just lay until I drown after all our love breaks down………

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