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The Stone

July 8, 2008
By Tabatha Grover, Wyoming, MI

She always gets picked on, they wont leave her alone,
so she picks up a stone.

She hurls it at a boy,
the boy falls to the ground, the rest runaway and she feels joy.

Then she sees the blood trickling from the boys head,
the color such a dark ugly red.

She runs to him and feels for a heartbeat,
she feels nothing and goes numb from her head to her feet.

She is so scared she doesn't know what to do,
the boys hair is matted to his face because of the thick, red goo.

She begins to runaway,
"I killed him," she begins to say.

She gets in the house, fills up the tub, gets her moms pills,
she undresses and climbs in as the tub slowly fills.

She pours the pills in her hand and shuts off the water,
"All the stuff I will miss," she thinks,"like my sisters soon to be born daughter,"

"But I cant let myself live after taking another life,
I'd be stuck in so much misery and trife."

She begins to cry as she brinds the pills to her mouth and lays her head back,
"Oh the fear I wish I had to lack!"

She starts swalloing the pills one at a time,
soon it's hard to breath, why does it feel like taking my life is a crime.

She cant breathe,
it's time for her to leave.

Then it all goes black.

** 2 Hours Later **

Her mom comes home,
around the house she begins to roam.

"Where are you honey ? "
She asks in a voice so sunny.

She goes in the bathroom and screams, she sees her daughter dead,
her body goes stiff like a brick of lead.

** 2 Hours Later **

She sits on the couch and turns on the news,
she sits back and takes off her shoes.

She begins to cry unable to stop,
until she hears the harsh voice of a cop.

This is what she hears:

"Today a young boy was found dead in front of the school. The boys friends say they had been teasing a female classmate, the girl picked up a stone and threw it at them. At the same time as the stone hit the boy there was a gunshot and they ran. When they went back the girl was gone and the boy was dead. Doctors stated that the cause of death was the gun wound not the impact of the stone."

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