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He makes me

April 12, 2012
By pageturner PLATINUM, Brooklyn, New York
pageturner PLATINUM, Brooklyn, New York
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He makes me feel out of breath
When all I want is to breathe

My blood runs cold, then it rushes to hot
My skin tingles over every spot
Every spot that’s touched, caressed with a rough hand
Leaving my knees so weak I can barely stand
The way he runs his fingers through my hair
Acting as if he doesn’t care
My eyes catch his, those eyes that look at me
They practically stare, with all the things they see
Just looking at him makes my hands start shaking
Whenever he’s gone it feels like my heart’s breaking
He’s so aloof around me, whenever we’re alone
It’s as if his heart’s made of stone
(He never acknowledges me when we’re at school
Defining it as our invisible rule
That he can be around me, except people can’t know
Guess my love for him is just some secret show
A show that’s only for him to see
But why does it feel like he’s never watching me?
And yet why is it around him-
That I fill like a cup filled to the rim
Filled with this feeling that my heart’s about to stop
This feeling’s so strong that I could practically drop)
My heart skips a beat, two maybe three at a time
What he does to me should be considered a crime
‘Cause I can never tell if he’s ever really mine
But when he’s around me, tingles go up my spine
Because that’s the way of youth, falling headfirst too quick
When you fall down so fast, it’s making you sick
It’s not something I can help, not matter how hard I try
First love is something that always ends up making you cry

The author's comments:
This has never happened to me before, although I've read about it hundreds of times. I tried writing about how it would feel like to continually have your heart broken

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