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February 17, 2012
By GazelleDeerDoe SILVER, Cincinnati, Ohio
GazelleDeerDoe SILVER, Cincinnati, Ohio
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Favorite Quote:
“If I were a tree, I would have no reason to love a human.”

You don't realize how much you need me
So you throw me away without knowing it
I become your mannequin
You dress me up just to set me back down
And as soon as you do, my heart stops pounding
And I start drowning in my doubts
Please for once take the time
To hear me out,

I've saved you so many times from
ones who were plotting
Against you,
I've given you life and saved your life
Too many times for you to count,
Don't you remember me telling you
How nothing can take you from my arms?
Don't you know
That I rescued you
You were on the street,
alone and cold and fearing things you
Didn't have to worry about,
I was the one who lit the sky up so you could stand
On solid ground.
I was the one who picked you up every single time your
Back hit the floor.
I was the one who taught you how to live like a
Father helps his child learn to ride a bike.
To me you owe your life.

But I was also the one you threw away and abandoned.
Like I was just a particle of sand by the ocean.
To you, I was replaceable.
Instead of getting to know me,
You wasted your time on silly things that never mattered.
Even potato chips held more meaning to you
Than me.
Now the time has come for explosion.
Brothers against brothers and
Sisters without peace.
The sky will turn dark.
The moon will turn red.
Some people will get to know me
And those people only will be set free.
Will you be one of them, child?
Or will you rebel and repel against the one
Soul who was always there?
The time has come.

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