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Nineteenth October

January 21, 2012
By StrangeJade PLATINUM, Relative Obscurity, California
StrangeJade PLATINUM, Relative Obscurity, California
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Favorite Quote:
"Life is so beautiful that death has fallen in love with it." - Life of Pi

Buckets of ice sit in the cafeteria,
iron-deficient ninth-graders scratching at the entrails and the
waking, breathing numbness.
Blackberries grow sour and stunted in the garden.
The wooden sign in the tangle of tomato bones
Pray for rain.

Impossibilities were never achieved
through motivational posters.
A silverfish darts across the desert,
no longer
shining –
You cannot stay here.

My last duchess
is coming to a classroom near you;
but the vending machine over there
has been swallowing little metal men whole
since the dawn.

Three more years and ripped tights
and beauty in yellow walls

Pray for rain.

And are we really the future?
Or the people who will inhabit the future,
or those who are thrown into it against their will,
and what the devil has become of our things?

And will the tomatoes grow again, in the future?
And is there any more ice?


Lesson one, day one:
there is no such thing as adults.

Pray for rain.

The author's comments:
Side bit for those who like italics: the phrase "pray for rain" is supposed to be italicized.

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