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To War He Marched

February 1, 2012
By NeVassa GOLD, Ft. Belvoir, Virginia
NeVassa GOLD, Ft. Belvoir, Virginia
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If my love could not stop him,
Then neither can you, my morning dove blue,
The witch has him in her wicked hand,
Off he goes to an anguished, forbidden land.

In her clutches she holds him tightly,
Forcing him to fight daily and nightly,
To protect those who love him,
For those he fights limb to limb.

So brave is he,
Do you not agree?
Is he not strong?
To plunge into suffering to fight those who are wrong?

Oh! dove blue! I miss him so!
Miss his patience, so thorough,
Miss his warm, welcoming arms,
But now he's gone, using them to do evil harm.

I worry now of his wealth,
After all, evil of full of wealth,
Dead? Perish the thought!
Evil is not the only thing to be fought!
Fair dove blue, worry and fear must be eradicated as well,
For fear and worry is the witch's spell.

Curse the witch and the pain she's brought!
Lay her to death, my love, finality or not!
Inflict pain to her that she's done to us!
'Pon her brow death will lay; it must!

Where are you now, my love, my friend?
Certainly we'll see each other again?
I know I'm lying to myself when I say,
Good luck to you, may you win glory on this day,

Lying I am because I wish you here,
Close to my arms, danger far, love near.

Sometimes I dream you've returned,
Smell your scent, evil dead and churned,
For you so long I've yearned,
Since you're gone, tears are all I've earned,
Since you've gone, pain is all I've learned.

Miss you I will,
Kiss you I shall,
All in good time,
Though patience is not my virtue,
Oh! how I've missed you! You've not a clue,
Remember me as you dream,
May you think of me to fall asleep,
Love you I will,
Love you I must,
Love you forever, 'til the next time we touch.

The author's comments:
This poem is about the yearning of a wife missing her husband who went off to fight in the war. In this poem I have used words like 'the witch' and 'suffering' instead of war, I note simply so you're not confused. Enjoy :)

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