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Lost Within

January 26, 2012
By VanessaaP BRONZE, Rochester, New York
VanessaaP BRONZE, Rochester, New York
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heart full of love
skin full of blood
eyes full of tears
tears fall like raindrops on to her lifeless skin
piercing her soul,
nobody knows the pain she indoors.
with every tear blurring her vision there's a story
that will repeat.
no exception, she'll love unconditionally.
real reason she hurts hides beneath the shadows of her fears.
Fear of heartache & endless emotional discomfort & fear it's self.
She hides in the depths of her bottomless sorrow.
losing herself in this unsafe world.
Loving herself she reaches the meaning of all her pain.
Lost, she never learned to love herself.
Lonely, she lost herself in her own sorrow.
Scared, to reach an ending.
No One to protect her from her mistakes.
No one to lead her to the light at the end of the road.
mistake after mistake no lesson learned no other view but her own. learning to climb alone and to love alone. she found her self within the pain of she once knew. no help from others lesson taught to her self. loving her self teaches herself to be strong

The author's comments:
this piece was inspired by a personal experience.

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