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January 14, 2012
By rosieposie GOLD, Fountain Valley, California
rosieposie GOLD, Fountain Valley, California
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Suddenly I am brought to tears
when faced with all my deepest fears
my sister gone, darkness ensues
can’t breathe till my turns blue
unmoving, stuck, I am trapped
my inner strength cannot be tapped
I cannot run any faster
Now my mind is not the master
Struggling for help, no one sees my situation
Alone and hurt, I’m filled with frustration
Terrifying nightmare and crying in my sleep
Are the scary traumas that run so deep
I cannot escape the dark, the unknown
Fear is enclosing what is this that I condone
Familiar people, familiar places
Seem to stare with puzzled faces
Unrecognized to them all,
My sanity begins to fall
I thought I was up, thought I was awake
But this same mistake again I do make
Everything is logical, it all makes sense
Till confusion begins with one shocking occurrence
Now I am free, awake and conscious
My mom is asleep, I’m alone and feel nauseous
I am recording the strange things that I deem
To be sure it was only just a dream
Afraid to sleep some more
I’m even more tired than before
Ponty is my only comfort, just him and me
A stuffed animal though he may be
Music on the radio tries to calm me down
But I still sit here with a frown
Anxious and tired, nervous and afraid
My head refuses to be on the pillow laid
Goodnight for now, hope you all take care
Don’t be frightened, for it is a heavy load to bear.

The author's comments:
This was inspired after a terrifying nightmare I had. It was so unbelievable, I felt I had to document everything that had happened to be sure it wasn't real. Honestly, it was the only way for me to calm down.

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