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drama and friends phase

December 24, 2011
By alvina PLATINUM, Punta Gorda, Florida
alvina PLATINUM, Punta Gorda, Florida
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We are friends so it’s hard to say
You need to grow up and start acting your age
It’s over with, you’re done, move on
Forget about him, it’s all long gone
Last year was completely stupid
Writing it all on paper was worse
We are friends and I’ll always love you
But you need to look at the truth
What you see is not facts
It’s all drama you need to relax
You are causing all this on yourself
Though sometimes I wish I could help.
There is nothing I can do
I wish I could brain wash you
We could all be close
Like In kindergarten except that was gross
We are teenagers now
We need to learn to shut our mouths
You don’t help the situation
It gets worse with every word you write
Every word written out of spite
We are supposed to love our neighbors
Not supposed to sin
Although at the moment
I can’t tell where you’ve been
You say you’re a child of god
But premarital sex is wrong
You are too far ahead of yourself
Not responsible enough for a child
Kids shouldn’t be on your mind
You are only fifteen
And Jobs are hard to find
With a baby on your hip
How are you going to find respect?
We all learn from our mistakes
If it has happened once, it will happen again
Use your good judgment
Before you have no judgment left
And I love you to death
Like a sister but I can’t help but sigh
Because sometimes you’re not worth my time

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