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Summer rush

January 8, 2012
By fatesknocking GOLD, Solon, Ohio
fatesknocking GOLD, Solon, Ohio
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Prayers go up and blessings come down.

It grew too high
She won’t come down
On top of the world
Fall came around

The leaves will change
The snow will fall
The bark will break
The birds will call

The grass grew taller
As she waited there
Living in the past
She knew he still cared

On top of the bridge
The water at ease
Her mind took a trip
The cool gentle breeze

And back to the tree
Where it began
She stood in the field
Where she was happy again

She sat on the ground
The grass towering high
Stars in the dark
Toward the night sky

The sun came down
The heat traveled in
She grabbed hold of her heart
As the world continued to spin

And back came the memory
Of summer not so long ago
Where love was gently planted
And love would surely grow

Day turned into night
And night into day
Porch lights turning off
And stars come out to play

The promise of forever
Soon to be broken
The silence in the air
Make up for words not spoken

Time turned tables
And memories escaped the mind
Departing from each other so quickly
And hearts no longer combined

In the middle of it all
Beneath the summer brush
The love that they once knew
Was more than just a rush

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