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Here They Come

December 15, 2011
By Eric_Tays PLATINUM, Conway, Arkansas
Eric_Tays PLATINUM, Conway, Arkansas
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here they come, deep and demented,
a single blade, against all those teeth,
they come rather quickly, thirsting for blood,
searching for a soul, hungry for a life,
without my blood, they cannot own me,
running fast now, slashing back,
there is no release, this can't go on,
I must end it now, blade flashing,
pivoting with baring teeth, wings blown outward,
upper-hand do I possess, hacking and slashing,
empty skulls fall to the ground, some flee,
numbers dwindling down, hacking faster,
victory sharp in my mind, shadows are rising,
gotta wake-up,
blade passes right through, no damage caused,
rising up wings in sync, faster than darkness,
I hit a barrier, falling back down...
waking up at last, gasping from exertion,
drenched in sweat I collapse back to sleep, to a much softer dream.

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