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Prince Charming (Christian Poem)

April 14, 2008
By Anonymous

Has a reflection of You in his heart
Has God first in his mind
for me You set him apart
And he is one of a kind
When we first met eyes, I thought he's just another man
Till the second time we met, he reached out his hand
I thought this is a joke, it's too good to be true
Till I looked in his eyes and saw an image of You
I was in a daze, my heart sank to my feet
He walked me to a table and offered me a seat
He says I know this sounds crazy, and I know we just met
But God said you're "the one" who I'll spend forever with
My immediate reaction, I broke down and cried
He smiled and gently wiped the tears from my eyes
He said
"I believe in love at first sight,
God has sent me here to be in your life,
The perfect man you dreamed of years ago,
I'm the total package from head to toe,
I've got the brains, the body, and I'm a man of God
I'm willing and determined to beat all odds,
My love is still here wheather you want me or not,
But if you take me I'm willing to give it all I've got."

I knew he was serious in all he was saying
While he was talking in my head I was praying
I asked God "Is this really the gift You've given me?"
"The love of my life stands directly in front of me?"
Thank You Father for picking him with great selection
I know that if he's sent by you he's made with perfection
It was pretty sudden and very alarming
But I know God has sent me my own Prince Charming

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