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The Romantic Realist

January 2, 2012
By iatwinss SILVER, Wheatland, Iowa
iatwinss SILVER, Wheatland, Iowa
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I feel like giggling.
I feel like laughing.
I feel like acting like a school girl.
I can hardly contain myself.

ha. ha. ha.
I keep reading.
Until I reach the ending.
I snicker and giggle to the little jokes.
Smiling at the book the entire time.

Here's my favorite part.
The ending of the romance and the plot.
They kiss and live happily ever after.
I sigh and envy what they have.

I look up and realize I'm not at home.
My face becomes as emotionless as stone.
Not even my eyes reveal what I feel.
I raise my shield against the battle of life.

The soft heart protected by the sharp steel.
The Realist protecting the Romantic within.

The author's comments:
We were studying the different movements in literature. I could relate to the different themes. I was in chemistry which is always dead quiet. I was reading a romantic comedy and I wanted to laugh so hard, but I couldn't make myself break the quiet. So, I wrote this instead. I still laugh when I read it and remember.

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