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It's Time

December 23, 2011
By Darkumbrella BRONZE, Cleveland, Ohio
Darkumbrella BRONZE, Cleveland, Ohio
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"Don't try harder, try smarter" ~Roberto Iriarte

Time to write with heart
Time to say I’m sorry for hurting the ones I love
Time to laugh when someone tries to crack a joke
Time to smile without the fear that it doesn’t look real
Time to cry until I’m tearless and relieved
Time to get back and stand tall
Time to say no, and to speak out
Time to open my blind eyes
Time to feel my heart speed up again
Time to feel a pulse
Time to go up and talk
Time to hug my friends’ I’ve ignored
Time to let go of the weight to my chains
Time to feel
Time to scream
Time to cry
Time to laugh
Time to surrender
Time to win
Time to run
Time to jump into something
Time for no regrets
Time to forgive
Time to forget
It’s time . . are you coming?

The author's comments:
It's close to the new year, and well . . it's sometimes always better to start over again

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