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November 28, 2011
By RejoiceTheySay... PLATINUM, Topeka, Kansas
RejoiceTheySay... PLATINUM, Topeka, Kansas
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you are brown
like the earth
i wont put you down
youve been beautiful from birth

theres flowers
behind your ears
and the rain showers
you and eases your fears

nobody can judge you
because they cant see the birds
singing your name to tell you
thanks for praying, jesus heard

you are a child of god
a daughter of earth
youll return to heaven and the soil
from where you were birthed

you are white like the clouds
high in the sky
which the sun lights up
just like your smile

you are no better
than the angels form earth
youre both made of gods clay
bothed loved from birth

sisters of nature
how can they say you are not the same
you both have breaths, have furtures
and we will both return to the place we came

the soil shall envelope her
and the clouds lift you
although you are not higher
you cant help who youll be or what youll do

and your souls love the earth and the sky and soon you will soar cuz you will both know how to fly.

The author's comments:
i wrote this probably when i was about eleven, twelve. ive changed ALOT but this never will.

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