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Cuts For You

November 28, 2011
By Eric_Tays PLATINUM, Conway, Arkansas
Eric_Tays PLATINUM, Conway, Arkansas
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Blood bubbles up, taking its tiem trickling down my arm
I think of you, slice, I'm feeling high now
You never leave my mind, slice, I'm feeling slightly dizzy now
I miss you so much, cutting deeper now can almost feel the bone, slice
I can barely think, but you are still on my mind, slice, more blood flows
I'm standing in a puddle of blood, wishing you were here
My legs give way, I'm barely conscious but you are still on my min, I cut once more, slice
I'm dying now I'm bleeding out, I'm real cold, as I take one last breath I breath your name.

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on Mar. 26 at 11:10 am
DarkPoetatheart DIAMOND, Jamestown, Pennsylvania
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"Comfort, the enemy of progress."
- The Greatest Showman

Other than a couple typos, I like this poem in a weirdly morbid way.