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On Our Way To Wherever We Go

November 28, 2011
By RejoiceTheySay... PLATINUM, Topeka, Kansas
RejoiceTheySay... PLATINUM, Topeka, Kansas
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brought to life
now lets start
the sweet effects of a banging heart

now off we go
lets begin
to a world of life
to a life more lived

slowly we climb
and we stumble and fall below us our nets
stretch to catch it all

weather made by us
rain and wind will start
down the drain goes
the traces of an innocent heart

now here we are
with slowly yellowing grass
as the soles of our shoes
etch out our past
and new ideas become old
and the sun hides from the moon
as the pleasant whistle of the wind
takes on a sinsiter tune

yet with each step
my muscles tighten
my eyes open up to all ive seen
but im not frightened
i know that when i choose to do so
i can turn around, whether i win or lose, i can see my beauty and strength in this path
ill sit and watch
until i decide to head back.

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