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The storm

November 14, 2011
By tweetiebruce PLATINUM, Sydney, Other
tweetiebruce PLATINUM, Sydney, Other
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The distant roars of thunder
The heavens open with rain
The slight wind rustling the trees
Reminding of that storm again

The flashes of quick lightning
Lighting up the air
The pitter-patter sound
The storm that gave a scare

The grey clouds rolling over
Give no sign of any sun
Wanting to run away
The storm has again begun

Ten thousand blades of piercing rain
Fall from the heavy grey sky
Only to hit me hard
And make me want to cry

Ten minutes ago it was glorious
The sun out and the sky blue
But the power of nature is all around
For now it is replaces by gloom

The thunder and lightning come quick
Rolling ever nearer
The rain never ending
Only seeming to get heavier

Is it possible to be in the centre of a storm
Where you see nothing but rain?
Is it possible to relive that very moment
Of thunder, lightning and rain?

I am frozen in a park
Soaked to the skin
The memories flood back
Oh how dark, gloomy and grim

But you were there to shelter me
To protect me, hold me close
As water drips through my hair
And dripped off the end of my nose

You were my shelter
From the piercing rain
The blades, the flashes and roars
My protector once again

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