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Free Your Mind part 5. Final Days

November 3, 2011
By AnarchistHeartland ELITE, Washington, District Of Columbia
AnarchistHeartland ELITE, Washington, District Of Columbia
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" Art is beauty everlasting "

The apocalypse has beckoned to you, hear on flies the crow

Heed the call and take up arms against your brother and your foe

Bullet for bullet and bomb for bomb, soon democracy will be gone

Communism rests on the shoulders of humanity with an agenda to serve

Paranoia sleeps inside our skins warm and content

Wood is useful for building the coffins we'll need to rent

I hope we change the world, another nuclear disaster is our cure

Time is running out and so is our confidence, Is there a future of which we can be sure?

Gavel and cloak here to uphold the law until the bribes sound more convincing

Conniving and ill-tempered the idea of unseen crime sounds interesting

Your youth hides behind the tattoos and your cops behind the badge and gun

Just a way to show how big you are makes the job much more fun

War chest has been opened and inside we now know what we wish we never did

Don't take this to heart it's quite subjective, don't object it for your kids

The future was never yours until you can read the fine print on the dotted line

Let's play hangman with your children and loved ones, just kill one off at a time

Which military has the biggest guns and the puppets most behaved?

Who can kill the fastest and most lethal before they become deranged?

Super soldiers of a forgotten day, annihilation in their minds engrained

Until another ditch must be dug, yet another tomb must be engraved

Don't mistake realism and pessimistic tendencies as partners in crime

After all what thrives in the shadows must be the work of something divine

Call me psycho my methods always hold true so some kind of reason

Sit comfortably at home in peace, it's not quite time for slaying season

Lucky seven hope the mirrors shatter more and more

Until the apples we chew upon become filthy and rotten to the core

Bodies will be lining always we just cannot get enough

Think the madmen aren't the ones at the podium? Try and call my bluff

The author's comments:
Ultimate destruction of humanity

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