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September 27, 2011
By Emmy Buck SILVER, Highland Village, Texas
Emmy Buck SILVER, Highland Village, Texas
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The Elysian fields this will be
With soft swept grass bending peacefully
Tall mountainous trees grown bossy with time
This small-secluded place meant to be all mine
Not ever will water splash abound
Not ever will willows weep sad sound
Alas behold a tree branch fallen One imperfection makes all else sullen
Away the river bends
Frowns do the winds send
Special needs take to crackle the branch in shame
It’s ugliness the cause of its great fame
But the prickly blades of grass ought not to crow
For it’s the branch’s unique imperfections that make my heaven glow

The author's comments:
This piece reflects my lifestyle. I have two handicapped siblings that are the light of my life, and that is what I wanted to convey through this poem.

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