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I am Broken Angel Wings & a Broken Smile

September 28, 2011
By BrokenWingsofVanityAndWax PLATINUM, Centennial, Colorado
BrokenWingsofVanityAndWax PLATINUM, Centennial, Colorado
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I am a jar of hearts,

Holding secrets

Till I burst.

I am a broken tree,

That still sways at night,

In this breathless wind.

I am a road,

ever ending

well used by people.

I am a secret,

That travels from Isaac,

To Mary.

I am a warm cherry pie,

and ginger snaps

For sister and mother.
I am a song,

Repeated over and over again,

Till I break from the replays.

I am a broken smile,

That tries to lie

And say that I'm okay

just for tonight.

I am a movie,
Cried over more than

Once before now.

I am a story,

Never told,

And never will be.

I am a cherry,

With bitter skin

But a sweet center.

I am from this sweet lullaby,

That you use to sing

To get us to sleep at night.

I am a crisp a ahoy,

That we use to enjoy

On those warm summer days.

I am a picture,

Burned and warped
Over time of looking at me.

I am the shadows,

That watched you hurt

But never said a thing.

I am the secrets,

You hold so dearly,

And never tell anyone.

I am a smile plastered on,

To hide the hurt

That haunts me at night.

I am a girl with a broken smile,

You have never talked to

And yet made fun of.

I am a machine,

That destroys myself

From the inside out.

I am the stars,
That you gaze at
To look for hope.

I am the water,

The sweeps you under

To shut the world out.

I am an angel,

With wings that are broken

That no longer hold me up.

I am a piece of crumpled up paper,

That you throw at your wall

When you scream I hate you!

I am the thing you never speak of,

Since you don't get what I am

And never will get.

I am a voice in a million,

That gets pushed aside
For the louder voices than I.

I am a mystery,

That never has an end,

Just like the ocean blue.

I am a abyss,

Always questioned

About everything.

I am a blessed curse,

That keeps you at bay

As you try to run in fear.

I am the sky,

That you stare at

As you draw everything.

I am a spider,

That crawls around

Freaking you out.
I am not a freak,

No matter how much

You want to think I am.

I am a thought,

Kept locked up inside

For fear of rejection.

I am a artist,

That draws what she sees

In the world tonight.

I am a rejection,

The thing you hate

When you show your work.
I am the ghost,

That has seen you cry

Behind those hallowed halls.

I am the jacket,

You wear to hide

What hurts you inside.
I am the bag,

That's on your back

Holding you stuff till I explode.

I am a movie,

That makes you happy

When there is none.

I am the bottom,

That you hit

When your done.

I am your mask,

That you wear to hide

Your frowning face.

I am your house,

That you live in

And eat your meals in.
I am your team mates,

That you look up to

And show you are not weak.

I am you pet,

That you tell everything to

And let see you cry.

I am your parents,

That shake their head

In disappointment.

I am a cut,

That does not heal

And grows in your heart.

I am the friend,

You come to

For love, and hope.

I am you.

For I always
Have been.
I am your tears,

That you cry

At night.

I am your longing,

For someone to finally get you

And love you for who you are.

I am the bullies,

That pick on you,

Till you want to die.

I am the freedom,

That you want

And need.

I am that person,

Who gets you,

Like no one else does.

It's cause I LOVE you!

The author's comments:
These are the things I am, and all the things I want.

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