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The Ghost Children

August 22, 2011
By Dreamer21 PLATINUM, Hockessin, Delaware
Dreamer21 PLATINUM, Hockessin, Delaware
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There once was a town called Drange
That was always a little strange.
There were very few people in this little place
So there was always a familiar face.

But in this town there was one rule,
One the children thought was really cruel.
One that took all the fun away
And made the kids stay in all day.

None of the children ever asked why
They just sat and let the days fly by.
They'd sit in school for hours
And looked at the different array of flowers.

They all wished to go and play
But they had to wait and stay.
Then it was time to go home
Giving them no time to roam.

Finally night came and they went to sleep
And that's when the ghosts came to reap.
They took the flowers every night
And stole away the hidden light.

These ghosts hated anything fun
And they especially hated the sun.
That's why the children could not play
In the light of the morning day.

Their parents didn't want them to worry
About the spirits and their fury
So that's why they made the decree
To keep them safe, though they might disagree.

But one day when the parents were gone
The children went out to the lawn.
They laughed and they played
All day in the summer shade.

But the ghosts didn't like it
They didn't like it one bit.
They came and they easily took
The children to where no one would look.

When the adults came home there was no one in town
And they seemed to know what had gone down.
They looked high and low
As the spirits watched the show.

The mothers and fathers
Big sisters and brothers
Looked all around for the kids
Knowing they had done what the law forbids.

They never found the children
That were hidden in the forest glen.
They grew up away from their home
Living where the ghosts didn't roam.

They were free to have fun and to play
Each and every single day.
For the rest of their young lives
And stayed to play even as their end arrives

Today they are still playing
Living out their dreams dancing and singing
And they will till the end of the Earth
Doing what their lives were worth.

The author's comments:
A ballad that I wrote for my English class
It's a little sad really but I still like it

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