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The Heart Ache After The Break Up

August 21, 2011
By PoeticTwirler PLATINUM, Wantagh, New York
PoeticTwirler PLATINUM, Wantagh, New York
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" If I has to chose between loving you and breathing , I would use my last breath to say I love you...."

A day came when I was taken away by awe
Your hands took mine and held them tight
Kissed my lips and made me warm
Made me feel like the world could not touch me, like I was protected from everything

Time passed I was still in awe
I still had hands holding mine
I always felt warm when I received that kiss
I felt as I had a force protecting me at all times

In a few more months that state of awe started to disappear
The hands that held mine tight started to clutch my hands loosely
The kisses I was given did not make me feel as warm
The force that protected me began to fall apart in front of my eyes

Within time this all went away
I learned that you grew feelings for another girl
I learned you tried to see her but stopped yourself
And during this you told me, hurt me

The time came when we ended what we had
We had something special
But all ended quickly
And left both of us confused and hurt

Only a week later
You want me back
Your exact words
How can you think that?

You do not comprehend the pain you put me through
For exactly seven days all you do is talk
Talk about how you messed up and how you regret this
You leave me no time to learn what I am feeling inside my own heart

You leave me feeling bad and tired each night
All I do is cry each night
Leaving me weak and feeling worthless
You make me feel as if I am your therapist when I need to help myself

Please I hope you understand one day
I never meant to hurt you with my words
I was trying to protect me and learn where my heart needs to be
You do not believe me

Please understand me for once
I need to learn the feelings I have
I do love you, I always will
Allow me the time to learn what my heart is telling me

The author's comments:
Well I just broke up with my first boyfriend/first love and it hurts and this is what i have been feeling lately. Please leave a comment because I have not written anything in months

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