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The Darling of Light - Her Glass Eyes

August 11, 2011
By xabryn BRONZE, Sxr, Other
xabryn BRONZE, Sxr, Other
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What her eyes saw was the light of the sun,
the hearts serene, the minds clean.
What her eyes saw was the might of the Lord,
not the fight on earth, not the plight of the man.

What her eyes saw were the daises,
the smiles , and the glow.
Would she have dug deeper,
She could have seen it all.
The pain of the land, the heat of that sand,
Those broken hands that tried to keep her safe and sound,
from this world of sorrow, of grief profound.

What her eyes saw was a dream they had dreamt of,
What she became was a creature they never thought of.

When she saw again,
With all the filth infused, with that half-dead mind,
Those eyes failed to recognize those very hands
that had brought her back from the dead.

What her eyes saw was the world of joy,
The shining eyes, those singing maids.
Towards all those, the wretched that had her inception,
Her eyes were shut, her heart insensate, her mind frozen.

She kept on moving, ahead in this glowing stream,
With her eyes wide open.
It was just that what her eyes saw was my kind intention
with my reduced action, my minds illusion
to all that blood that had dried up, my veins shrunk,
to my sanity that had long departed,
to the peace my soul had lost, she turned her back.

Facing towards the word that I had dreamed for her,
She was the spring that forgot about the summer.
They would have called her the darling of light,
hadn't there been that darkness that she left behind,
to go into her world of life and delight.

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